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I don't starve myself and can still have as much junk food as I want on occasion, just not all the time. At my annual doc appt., I told her I was really tired all the time and she ordered a blood check of my B12.

It was way, way below the normal level -- because I had stopped eating steaks and burgers! To the Motts, in response to the show of October 1, 2016 Subject Nestles Water Grab, in Wellington, Ontario Carol and Paul, You are doing a great service by publicizing what is an "environmental disaster", created by an industry "gone wild", and by the millions of unsuspecting individuals who buy plastic bottles, filled with any kind of liquid for human consumption.

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I am worried that Obama will say "to Hell with the Constitution" decide to go for a 3rd term.

There's a large number of good quality science based research available that can be accessed to gain the necessary understanding.

I personally went from 220 pounds to 166 by following these methods. Mike Allen Hi guys, A few years ago, I stopped eating meat for about a year.

Not enough bodies yet, although according to the OPP the count is 600 since 2009, when the law came into effect.

That does not take into consideration the probable thousands of folks maimed for life because of this very selfish act.

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