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Sheila was sitting between me and Peter, so I couldn’t hear a thing they were saying. Not at all like the Mexican cuisine one gets in the States. He kissed my neck and shoulders as he took off my shorts and pushed them to the ground. I don’t know how he did it, but he fucked me until I had two wonderful orgasms.It was Wednesday morning at Club Med and we were taking the all-day excursion tour to the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. He gave Sheila his winning smile and didn’t seem to notice me sitting next to her.There was a 2-hour bus drive through the Yucatán Peninsula to the ruins, so we would get to see some of the small towns and the countryside of rural Mexico. We both knew that we’d be uncomfortable all day with Peter sitting right across the aisle from us.They were up to something and I could guess what it was. Then he had me bend over a little more and he pushed it in slowly. I could feel his cock jerking inside me and could feel his cum as it filled me. I was wishing the whole time that you could have been there to watch and somehow make a video. His cum was running down my legs when I came back to you. Kelly was a darling little blonde with brown eyes and a captivating smile that seemed to say, Well, that’s what I thought it said. Wow, what a perfect body she had…Nice, firm boobs and a completely nude pussy!After lunch we all travelled back to the ruins to complete the tour. I guess you didn’t notice…thank god.”I got really aroused listening to Sheila describe how Peter had fucked her, so I just rolled on top of her and we fucked for an hour as I visualized her moaning and cumming with Peter’s cock deep inside her. She was wearing a white and green t-shirt over her bikini with a large ‘Mexico 10’ across the front. I could already visualize us together, her blonde little head bobbing up and down on my cock; her moans of pleasure as I pushed it into her. She agreed that I could have our room all afternoon.”We kissed again and she said, “That sounds wonderful. ”“Try to stop me.”“I’d like to shower and dry my hair first. And she was about to shower with me and then we would fuck. We got in the shower and I said, “Let me shampoo your hair.”“Oh!

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