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It’s hardly a spoiler to reveal that Kenshin defeats Shishio in their duel.The spiritual aspects of samurai tradition outweigh mere skill with weapons: Kenshin’s humanity and inner nobility triumph over Shishio’s misbegotten social Darwinism and hatred.Kaoru Kamiya inherited an impoverished dojo after her father was killed.Thugs forced Yahiko Myojin to become a pickpocket when he was orphaned.In the meantime, audiences will continue to enjoy the “Legend of Kyoto” in its earlier, more engaging form.

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The action and drama film is about a once-feared swordsman during the turbulent fall of Japan's shogunate in the 19th century who adopts a peaceful life after the arrival of Japan's "new age." It has captivated fans in the Philippines and other parts of Asia.Shishio survived a botched execution by government agents and an attempt to incinerate his body that left him hideously scarred.Shishio believes the new government’s faltering first steps toward modernization have betrayed centuries of warrior tradition.He fights with a sakabato, a reverse-blade sword: the inner edge is sharpened, rather than the outer one.He can injure his enemies or knock them senseless, but he can’t inflict fatal wounds.

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    The Meiji Restoration of 1868 remade Japanese society, ending the crumbling regime of the Tokugawa Shoguns and restoring real power to the Emperor. During the attendant civil wars, Kenshin Himura was the deadly Imperialist assassin Hitokiri Battosai (“Battosai the Man-Slayer”).

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