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Its blood-splattered ‘70s style manages to keep it cartoonish enough to avoid being too gruesome — it reminds me of Saul Bass’s poster work (Anatomy of a Murder in particular) or minimalist comic books — but it’s still a game about cleaning up hits.

Play if you like: Hotline Miami, Viscera Cleanup Detail Available: Steam, Xbox One If you like minimalist puzzle games, especially for your phone, Shn!

The romantic visual novel has gained massive popularity this month not solely because of the big names behind it, but also for its humorous and charming writing and heartwarming story.

Play if you like: 2064: Read Only Memories, VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action Available: Steam It may be a self-described “micro-adventure” game, but despite its simple style and presentation, The Darkside Detective has a lot of heart.

p does a great job at creating something fresh from familiar ideas.

It’s part matching game and part sliding tile puzzler with 160 levels of increasingly tough challenges, and enough new obstacles and mechanics sprinkled throughout to keep it interesting to the end.

While it’s darker in tone than Meat Boy (the black blob of a hero reminds me of Mc Millen’s earlier game, Gish), it still has that same crude humor you’ll either love or hate about Mc Millen’s work.(Bonus: SUPERHOT itself actually came out on Play Station 4 this month too.Its Xbox One and PC versions launched last year.) Play if you like: Wolfenstein, SUPERHOT Available: Published and developed by comedy Let’s Play group Game Grumps, Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is exactly what it sounds like.For more, check out our list on the most-anticipated 2017 indie games, a love letter to the glory of weird, free web games, or dive into last month's must-play games roundup.Playing Wire Wood Daughters feels like chasing a chain of recollections triggered by a mundane object, or returning to a place you were once familiar with and reliving fading moments from the past.

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