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The film was produced concurrently with Finding Nemo, another animated film set underwater, which was released a year and a half before Shark Tale. This is the show part." Dream Works reacted by changing the name of Peter Falk's character from Don Brizzi to Don Feinberg.Dream Works Animation's CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg, defended the film, saying that "any similarities are mere coincidence. However, Mancini demanded that everything Italian—character names, the mannerisms, the forms of speech—be dropped.Lenny frees him, upsetting Frankie who becomes annoyed and charges at Oscar.However, Frankie is killed when an anchor falls on him. As no other witnesses were present and Oscar was seen near the body, everyone comes to believe that he killed Frankie, an opportunity that Oscar decides to exploit for fame.Sykes is furious that Oscar bet the money but nonetheless agrees to see how the race turns out.Moments before their betted "horse" crosses the finish line, he trips and falls on the line.Oscar returns to the city with a new title of the Sharkslayer.Sykes becomes his manager, Lola becomes his girlfriend, and Oscar moves to the "top of the reef" to live in luxury.

His crime lord father, Don Edward Lino, orders Lenny's more savage older brother Frankie to tutor Lenny in the family business.Since he does not wish to return home, Lenny forces Oscar to let him stay with him since he is aware of Oscar's lie.Soon, Angie finds out about the lie as well and threatens to tell everyone.Lenny grabs Angie into his mouth, but later regurgitates her.When Don Lino realizes that "Sebastian" is really Lenny, he chases Oscar through the reef.

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