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Thirdly, it’s just another place to hang out with friends.

Just like the karaoke room, you can grab some friends, get a lounge, order drinks and snacks and enjoy all the episodes of before sunrise.

I held it mainly because I was getting lots of flak for being overly negative at the time, and pretty angry -- and I'd have to agree with the assessment that my anger with Korea at the time was boiling over.

But when you hear incident after incident of foreigners being attacked, but the Korean media instead acting as if the pattern was the complete opposite, that foreigners were going out there with the intent to make trouble... It's incredibly frustrating to keep from getting negative sometimes.

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[How to enjoy everysing to the fullest]▶ Sing with star Sing a duet with your favorite artist on everysing - the smart karaoke!

You can now send gifts to the posts that you want to award!

The gift can be used as ‘point’ and help rank the posts to the top!

It’s also a good place to keep warm in winter when you are tired of walking around in the cold. Some outright look dingy and you can sometimes tell this from the outside, while others are fancy.

Those usually have photos on the street advertising their rooms.

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