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APP has been covering the majority of the market and we are working with them on increasing supplies further, and Hospira is also working to return to the market as quickly as possible.” Teva and Hospira have been plagued by manufacturing difficulties since last July that curtailed stocks of propofol by 25% or more.

However, supply woes also have affected several other anesthesia-related drugs, including thiopental (Pentothal, Hospira) and certain neuromuscular blocking agents.A Year's Worth of Problems Teva’s woes began in mid-July, when the company recalled lots of propofol after at least 20 patients who received the drug fell ill with flu-like symptoms.The company announced that it had discovered high levels of endotoxin in vials of the sedative pulled from the affected lots.“Very few medications are quick on/quick off and have almost no side effects,” Dr. Now, he added, clinicians may have to resort to barbiturate-based agents with less favorable profiles.“It’s going to be a really tough period for all anesthesia providers,” he said. Benjamin, RPh, director of medication-use quality improvement for the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), called the loss of Teva’s propofol “concerning” and said hospitals could feel the effects in their coffers.

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