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Tyler, 1879/Campbell, 1976; in images, not text) Fragment: Oxyrhyncus Online (jpeg images of P. Vandiver, 1997) The Divine Sappho (Peithô's Web) Resources by Robin Mitchell-Boyask (Temple University) The Sappho Project ( The Songs of Bilitis by Pierre Louÿs, translated into English ( Sappho and Phaon by Mary Robinson (University of Virginia) Ralph Hancock Editing (zipped Unicode Microsoft Word document) Bibliotheca Augustana (ed. anon.; zipped Microsoft Word document) Danae: Aoidoi (ed.

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Armenia – Armi – Armanum The oldest known recorded name of Armenia is not the inscription in Behistun.

The chief fragments remaining of the original work are preserved by Constantine Porphyrogennetos, De administrando imperio, ch.

23 (the article Ίβηρίαι δύο) and De thematibus, ii.

The collection came to SFU in 1995 from the collector Hugh Mc Donald and his wife Jerry with support from Morris and Dr. In all, it comprises 106 volumes published by the Venetian press of Aldus Manutius between 15. John Willinsky, and in honour of both the fiftieth anniversary of SFU and the five-hundredth anniversary of Aldus's death, we have undertaken to produce digitized versions of from the collection, published between 15.

These volumes showcase Aldus's many world-changing contributions to publishing, scholarship, and the art of the book.

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