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It is telling of the notorious labor export that continues to plague our country.We sell our people, mostly for cheap labor; we promote it and we are proud of it.But there are some disturbing things I was unable to unsee — things that deal with vulnerability and identity.

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The film’s idealism serves it very well: Love trumps bitterness, good humor and kindness beat physical imperfections, and love blooms even in the middle of adversity.Konnten die Großeltern nicht kommen, bastelten die Eltern mit den Kindern für den Partner.Am haben wir unsere Türen geöffnet: Vier Jungen (ab der 5.Within weeks, “Kita Kita” entered Philippine film’s blockbuster history.Drawing its charm from Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez, Sigrid Bernardo’s work brings fresh air to the rom-com niche.

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