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Joint Development of Novel Business Models Jukka Heikkila, Marikka Heikkila, Jari Lehmonen 433 25. The last section concludes and suggests some future work. FOUNDATIONS TO E-GOVERNMENT IMPLE- MENTATION During the 20th century, successive significant advancements have oc- curred in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) area, as well as in the administration science.Drivers and Barriers for E-Business: Evolution over Time and Comparison between SMEs and Large Companies Dirk Deschoolmeester, Evelyne Vanpoucke, Peter Willaert 455 26. The governmental sector has been af- Towards Key Business Process for E-Govemment 5 fected by these facts.

Exploring the Relationship between Mobile Data Services Business Models and End-User Adoption Per E. Supporting Salespersons through Location Based Mobile Applications and Services Chihab Ben Moussa 149 Service Provisioning 10. Thus, the central point is: how to do it without simply transfer the govern- mental bureaucracy to the Internet? They were selected out of 81 submissions in a rigorous review process by the International Programme Committee with an acceptance rate of just 32%. For the scientific programme, a total of 26 papers have been accepted for presentation and are published in this proceedings.On Locations of Call Centres - An Illustration from Two Rural Regions in Sweden and Finland Anna Moberg, Birger Rapp, Charlotte Stoltz, Reima Suomi 203 Purchase and Payment 13. Evolution of Service Processes by Rule Based Transformation Christian Zirpins, Giacomo Piccinelli 287 17. From these concepts, it is possible to build a framework to e-govemment initiatives, in a way that leads to a complete integration of the delivered services. Section 3 shows evaluation initiatives of e-govemment environments around the world.Fair Payment Protocols for E-Commerce Hao Wang, Heqing Guo 227 14. Service Composition Applied to E-Government Neil Paiva Tizzo, Jose Renato Borelli, Manuel de Jesus Mendes, Luciano Lan 9 ia Damasceno, Aqueo Kamada, Adriana Figueiredo, Marcos Rodrigues, G. Identity-Enriched Session Management Tobias Baier, Christian P. Virtual Communities for SMEs: A Cautionary Tale of an Electronic Marketplace Janice M. Analysis of a Yield Managementmodel for on Demand Computing Centers Yezekael Hayel, Laura Wynter, Parijat Dube 359 viii Value Chain Management 21. Section 4 presents new approaches to government and e- govemment areas.

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