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However, the investigation of Landmann [8] did not consider species-specific flowering colors in the linear unmixing-based mapping approach.

Color of flowers could be an important measure of bees foraging preference [13,14].

For instance, random forest, support vector machines and neural network were employed in numerous hyperspectral studies to discriminate vegetation communities [15], genera [16], and plant species (e.g., [17,18,19]).

However, the high dimensionality in hyperspectral data is often problematic when the number of field samples is smaller than the number of spectral features [20].

However, data sets on the spatio-temporal distribution of flowering plants are largely not available for phenological and ecological response studies.

Furthermore, the relationship between flowering response in the landscape and hive production is largely unknown [5].

Specifically, attention has been paid to factors that threaten honeybee health such as parasites, pathogens, abiotic stress factors, and land use and land cover (LULC) changes that often lead to a decrease in flowering plants within the landscape matrix.

Essentially, the quality and quantity of honey and honey products is reliant on the availability of flowering melliferous plants (as pollen and nectar sources) in the landscape [3].

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